Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Death of Poetry

Because poetry died
I was finally able to write
A poem. Because the knuckle-draggers
Won and the poets lost
Their black holes to blackberries
There is a lurid meaning waiting
To happen in the honest
Stink of the swamp. Which is to say
Poetry is an eyebrow
Of meringue incubating
In the handkerchief
Of a dragonfly. Poetry
Venerates the jukebox
Whose lambent glow
Preserves the heat of a moment
Thundering in the rhinestones
Of the Zeitgeist. Opacity
Is more than a dog
Barking in a dog kennel
Otherwise poetry gets through
And spoils everyone’s conversation
With things they don’t understand
And the world is a mirror
When everything wet
Hurts to say it. The ecstasy
Of an X-ray oozing sexuality
On an intuition perched high
On a telephone wire still does
To words what words do
To one another, which is solidly
Indeterminate. So you can see
Why poetry died. None of this
Amounts to a bottle of shampoo
So who the fuck cares if poetry dies
When poetry is dead it’s finally
Possible to write poetry

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mirror Writing

Here it is an emotion so big it mirrors
Reality. The gravitation of a piano
In England undoes a zipper that provides
An insight into the reality of clothing
And its deeper meanings. A nude
Woman squeezing a sponge
Against her leg illustrates the possibilities
Of going without clothing, even
For a short time. I’m going to throw
Another idea at you which is ribbons
And prisms in the philosophy
Of mirrors. What do you do
With a load of consciousness
So delighted to be a pastel that it
Flails about drunkenly knocking
The lamp over? And what impels
My reflection to act like a Technicolor
Movie whenever I shave with a long
Benediction? We are our own
Loopholes. Every situation is new
But Brobdingnagian. I get up and walk
Looking for an airplane made of glass
Doing delicate things. My meanings
Are spilled onto the table where they
Assume a life of oceanic ambivalence  
Symmetry has implications of cotton
If you believe that it helps to sparkle
Like a language. Is there life on Mars?
Yes, of course there is, and Marilyn Monroe
On a postcard. André Breton arrives
In a flying saucer and stops the world
With a kiss. Nothing hurts like indifference
And so I decided at last to get old in Hollywood
Feeling all those big emotions that one day drift
Onto paper and stare back at you like meat
Aching, abhorrent, and personal

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Secret Presence

Electrical Theories of Femininity
Poetry by Sarah Mangold
Black Radish Books, 2015
The first title of this collection  -  “I meant to be transparent”  -  put a smile on my face. One thing Sarah Mangold is not is transparent. I refer, of course, to the actual Sarah, the flesh and blood Sarah, the Sarah who constructed these poems. The Sarah whose devotion to the written word is so profound that she brings in an entire community to share it with her as she herself remains behind the curtain. This is among the most ego-less writing I’ve seen.
Mangold is a master of the collage form. Her poems are pure constructions with virtually no subjectivity whatever at their center. One senses her presence as a guiding principle, but it’s an invisible, not a transparent vector of personhood. Mangold writes very much in the vein of a contemporary Mallarmé. The work is based entirely on the life of words and phrases resonating with one another, fragments in drifting, aleatoric collision à la Mallarmé’s Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hazard (“A Throw of the Dice will not Abolish Chance”). Mangold’s poems are non-linear mosaics, verbal fragments pieced together in delicate convocation.
For convocation is precisely what they are, different voices from the literary world convened in a chorus of scissored calculus, exploring the sentence and its parameters, occurrences, absorptions, shifts and changes and the space between fragments, the pluridimensionality of different values in diverse lighting. The lines do not call attention to themselves as linear communications; rather, they refocus attention on the space the reader must fill and cross in viewing the lines as volatile combinations, an associational errancy in a state of becoming, aided by the reader’s ability to forge intertextual relationships according to the author’s poetic manipulation of space and elements of design.
Whereas Mallarmé’s “Throw of the Dice” has an evident allegorical element overriding its production in which the dispersed lines evoke the tumultuous waves of a storm at sea, the layout reinforcing the rising and falling motion of the sea waves and bobbing fragments, the loss of meaning threatened by the inherent navigational problems, the spirit overriding Mangold’s poems is one of femininity. Gaston Bachelard identified the spirit of reverie in poetry as essentially feminine in that it is essentially non-utilitarian. Mangold’s collages are pre-eminently non-utilitarian; her constellations invite multiple meanings and forms, a recognition that poetry is ill-suited to carry conviction beyond the sphere of the mutable. The Ondine comes to mind, elemental beings associated with water, first named in the alchemical writings of Paracelsus, and which are generally found in forest pools and waterfalls. Mercurial and elusive, their beautiful singing voices are sometimes heard over the sound of water.
There are three sections in this collection and an appendix which carefully lists the source texts for Mangold’s collage poems. “The Panic of the Multiple Narrative World,” which appears as the first poem in the third section, evokes the spirits of Whitman and Lincoln. Here is the poem in its entirety:
                             Whitman & Lincoln authorized all my
responsibilities. Two volumes of trauma classroom
a custodian of their hopes. Janitors all aims. Finding
these post national backgrounds new bandages. The
archival madness becomes apparent at this point.
       biography                bibliography
everything that belonged to the lived space. All the
19th century is deeply unrealized. There are certain
writers I can’t think about.
        Your eye otherwise
        Sound is important.
        Sound is successful.
What you do is extend that space.
Add beats within it.
Skirt the work.
        Meaningless is a form of meaning. Beauty is
Unavoidable. Salvation is totalizing but salvage is
Pulled and put back into your heart.
There are a lot of intriguing lines here. Which ones belong to Mangold and which have been taken from another source I do not know. Collectively, they hold the breath of a secret, a coition of words and things that propose a lush garden where one is free from assertions and in which “meaninglessness is a form of meaning.”
But I’m intrigued: I want to know what she means by “All the 19th century is deeply unrealized.” Is she referring to the western ideals of that century, the beginnings of Marxism, the literary and political achievements of figures such as Whitman and Lincoln mentioned at the outset, Mallarmé’s metaphysical crisis, the basic unresolved and unresolvable paradox of the human condition, which is to be perpetually hovering between absence and presence, being and nothingness, life and death? Who are the writers the author can’t think about? What is it to not be able to think about certain writers? I have deep, unresolvable conflicts with writers such as Martin Heidegger, Ezra Pound and E.M. Cioran, chiefly because of their affiliations with the Nazi regime. It’s not easy for me to reject them because their creative work is so powerful and influential. I have to separate the art from the artist, the philosophy from the philosopher. Is that what’s occurring here? Is it a crisis of conscience? Oftentimes, just to have these questions provoked in me is its own satisfaction, troubling as it is. What is of relevance is the way this poem has been structured. By arranging lines in non-linear, paratactic settings, Mangold alters their utilitarian function. The words cease to be reproductions which imitate appearance and so reflect experience in that one-dimensional framework; instead, the words become objects, things, essential matter; they don’t imitate experience, they initiate experience.
I particularly like her play on ‘salvation’ and ‘salvage.’ Salvation has strong religious applications, and is generally accompanied by scripture and its “totalizing” dogma. Salvage is pragmatic: that which is slated for demolition is redeemed, repaired, reacquisitioned. There is no dogma, only an effort to preserve, protect from destruction.
In “The Machine Has Not Destroyed the Promise,” Mangold remarks “If motion caused a disagreement of any kind we are regarding the same universe but have arranged it different spaces. That is to be the understanding between us.” Flux is the underlying principle of Mangold’s art. Collage serves her purposes because its elements are reflective of time and space as simultaneities of phenomena contingent upon observable events. Space is supple. No two events will be experienced the same if they’re viewed from different locations.
In his essay “Nature, Abstraction, Time,” Octavio Paz makes some points about modernist art that are pertinent within this context. “Presence is not only what we see: André Breton speaks of the ‘inner model,’ meaning that ghost that haunts our nights, that secret presence that is proof of the otherness of the world…Presence is the cipher of the world, the cipher of being. It is also the scar, the trace of the temporal wound: it is the instant, instants. It is meaning pointing to the object designated, an object desired and never quite attained… Meaning lies elsewhere: always a few steps farther on.”  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


It sometimes happens that a harmonica strikes the ears until one’s ganglions provide a version of morality that might appear peppy, if not for the cornelian cherry. Our abalone peppers its hums at language. There is clatter amid our signals. Let’s toss a gulp into proposition and watch the swallow of opinion. The Mediterranean verifies pins. There is a spirit in the ether. There is a house in New Orleans. What piano? Nature has given us the use of language. It’s a condition more resilient than those of the United States. I get angry quite often. There is a street where things are quicker at the edge of night. Shine of the rails is a tonic for the eyes. It’s always a little strange to sit in an exam room with the Statue of Liberty. The willow isn’t glued together with fiddlesticks anymore. Burlap envelops waves and wind and thought. Objects report the darkness in my room. The lobsters are resonant with red. My sternum contributes parabolas, a bag of nails that the rub of abrasion unites like a rag from a kitchen sink, oblong beeps of tailgate yaks. What happens if I engrave in you the permission to glitter? Locomotive whose wheels imitate the stars, whole roundnesses of steely convolution. Attack cogs that gravity salts. And dishes and ripples and opened carving sharply fang. Admire walks in. My favorite fabric consists of syllables until my tongue gets drunk with description. Piercing sounds of creosote. When I think of the ocean’s requirement’s I stumble. The cement conducts combs. The table causes itself by percolating pumpkins. I feel a certain sorcery weight which is alive with thirst. The digestion of art acts like a dry monstrosity. The air bites shrewdly. I merge into radiance. Ripple and a hoe and a grammar expanding the morning and flailing at the perspectives of invention that a talk animates. Airport ripped rain and a pronoun. I feel planets if there is a teeming I congregate to play the guitar. I is a pronoun in which propagation graces conceptual shouting. Timelessness is very much more than time and makes it that a meditation is a mode of scripture so sweet are the singular pleasures of reading. I am blatant, blessed, and taffeta. A fiber, basically. When I was in Paris I was sometimes sounding myself like a piano. I can put some emphasis on chewing the parallels, but would it wink? Walking and waking made a pain yaw and wag and then I came to a hill where I said fur and contrasts. French ocher hive is considered rhetorical, nicely repaired if it cuts the air but rides on a tongue and the size is the same when recognition relies on time to engage the mind. It’s a kind of recruitment. We tower over our detonation of burning forms listening to the hatchets hatch into Middle English. Birds are experienced symbolically. I is a hectic conceit that dissolves in suspension. Explore the stars. Power is only a heat. Wonder incised the clutter. We forced the scent to smell like magnetic flux. Embodiment happens when the oscillation goes all spontaneous and suede. What thinks our orchard of space? Bump a monument under the air. The kinetic boat glue is opened by pliers. Rivers clutter and luxuriate in our pockets. My dab teases a daub of definition and deforms the wiggle with skin. The hymn sends us jumping into hammerhead hats brimming with Germany. My arms pause in mutation. Personality’s anchors are painted a red and white and blue seclusion. Darkness and sympathy unite in thought. My stick bumps the heart and its fragrances produce a parade of beggars, groans, dampness, and winter. Existence is trouble and there is a consequent conviviality and the light is splashy. Velocity is a form of gasoline that weighs like play to a buttonhole. Plurality stirs thought. Do you believe in singing? The sky is totally eczema. Structure invites provocation. It is more the form of the farm than is its livelihood, which is cows and cowls and a fine black crow. Thank you for allowing me this moment to experiment with these words, which are pushing themselves into another lip to get spoken like snow.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Dividends of Desire

Go ahead. Pepper the potato and sparkle. Let the kerosene slosh around in the can. The thermometer is compelling and voracious for oars. The temperatures this year are gloomy and mild, sliding through the veins like envy. I’m going to paint the kitchen sink and frame it in a galaxy of oak. The stabbed ghost of my childhood wanders in a herd of caribou. Even the paper upon which I write ejaculates words in the exigencies of the moment, which are uncannily public. Thereby I’m going to glue my throat to the river and speak in the language of bark. I’m going to accommodate beauty. We will boil cabbage and admire beautiful things. The bold suppleness of my passion fulminates in an agitated journey of hospitals and horseshoes. If I spend a dime and let it flourish like a dime and circulate like a dime the dime will return to me as a dime and shine like a dime and enter my pocket like a dime and slip like a dime and slide like a dime and drop like a dime.
Bend your thoughts to the infrared. Let conception sway in your brain. I will give you an odyssey of lobsters and elves. Deliver opinion to the hunger for cypress. Include the growth of crystal. There are arms for this. I love coffee and the color red. There’s a certain red that flutters its wings in an academy of black. The black of coffee. The black of night and angels and mirrors and meteors and messiahs. O spirit of paste allow me to embody cardboard in an ambience of pique. Let my tongue extend beyond the spoons of pleading. Let me explore the invisible. Let me wade through the surf singing of chivalry and formaldehyde.
My intestines operate according to the laws of digestion. This is proved by biochemistry. There’s a hammer in the lobster boat that will confirm the weight of my dreams. Increase your fingers with a smear of rose. The crabs are on strike. Heaven’s arms descend like steep cliffs. The highway twists over a geology of divine elocution. The road toward paradise crashes through the ribcage. Erupts from the throat in a blaze of glory. The development of history proves more and more apocalyptic. It’s easy to see where this is going. Picasso has splashed my words with the sexual fluids of his muse. You can see it in the glimmering of the mouth. The warm flailing of the tongue. The passion to explain the inexplicable.
Corot’s magic oars flourish beyond the compote. A wall of spices secures the vagaries of an ancient religion. A timeless anthology of whispers suits the grain of the table. We endure the persistence of hope. An antenna emerges from the great tugging body of expectation and wiggles around looking for scarabs. The groaning of pipes extrudes from a phonograph. I ponder nutmeg with an armload of clay to embolden my reckonings of fire. We like to wear bronze as we pour ourselves into our hands. Grammar parodies the gymnastics of thought. My acceptance of acupuncture arrives as a revelation. In the end it’s the suppleness of the ghosts in us that neutralize the pain of existence. The heart is sterling that weighs the dividends of desire.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to Get Rich Writing Poetry

That’s right you too can be a Donald Trump
A Warren Buffett of poetry
A buffet of trumpets a warren of infinite crisis
Just follow these easy steps
To a cocktail lounge sit down and employ
A ceremony of words in a roiling brook
Of magnetic obscurities. An angel
     of the morning
Will drop coins of moonlight on your table
Which you can spend on a martini or a root beer
Your call. Me, I prefer cream soda
But that’s neither here nor there
     what’s important
Is getting rich. Here’s how to do it invest
     all of yourself
In the sound of something greenbrier
     or Sea of Cortez
This is rich this is true wealth my friend
Words will propagate like waves and roam
In your heart walking up and down
Haunted by the prospect of eternal life
In heavenly leaves of sycamore
What more do you want than a sycamore
There’s more to a sycamore than a sycamore
Escalator grease do you want escalator grease
You can have all the escalator grease you want
All you have to do is say escalator grease
And you will have escalator grease
Escalating throughout the universe
That is the poem. The poem that engages
     your being
Join me in swallowing reality
Take a great big gulp it just so happens
That we’re all surrounded by this thing
Called reality when you go to the bank
To deposit your opus their conception
Of what constitutes money will be different
Than yours don’t let that discourage you
Let the world lift itself into your eyes
     and hang
In your brain annuities perpetuities
     legal tender
And certificates of rain

Thursday, April 9, 2015

This is your Contusion on Drugs

This is your contusion on drugs. The glue is worded. Tears fit the eager sorrow. A dream of earth makes our sleep sparkle. I enkindle a word behind the pearl earrings that dangle from the moon above the house. A totem stitched at midnight feathers into resource. I shadow the carp. I oblige the sidewalk to sob oceans of ablution. All of this is happening. All of this is fourth dimensional and hermetic and vertical. A little bit of it is also a little uncertain and some of it is bloated and testimonial. The words are spurred, exciting ideas of possession. This is my stick and this is my sparkly Pythagorean dime. This is the drawing of a snake and this is brimming with Germany. This is extruding an aristocratic corpse and this is unfettered by income. It goes on and on and on. I have pulp and pubic hair. I’ve had these things for a long time and the day will come when the bank will accept my string and hold my account in ageless red dots. I will avenge the zip codes. I will accept winter. I will better appreciate darkness and sympathy and recognize adjectives for the trembling Fauve environments they truly are. Then I will be successful. I will expand into henna. Because the kitchen has volume and the war is over. This paragraph must be described as a shop smelling of Shakespeare’s plays. One day is quite anonymous and another brings puddles and experience. One moment I’m cloth and the next moment I’m all horse and Bob Dylan. I tend to experience flowers differently than other mammals. I lift myself into my sweat and take a long sniff and before my tongue has shaped a word my hunger is aroused and the western horizon gathers into pockets and powerful green knobs that denote horsepower. The excitement is hectic. Please believe me when I say that my attitude toward money is less than ideal. I spend most of my time describing the indescribable. The computer helps. A little. Eventually a completely useless feeling comes along and protects me from the shapes of ambition. I hang my clothes in the closet like anyone else but when it comes to feeling the need to need I don’t need it to need me I simply need to need it when it needs me. That which is entirely fire is also orange. But hey. It’s nice and cool in the Abalone Lounge. There’s room for the dishes and one day the loopholes will close and our hands will feel the weight of the universe connecting us like skin, or something akin to skin, something jolly like mud or hypothesis. A mind, after all, is nothing less than the shadow of a sentence that hasn’t yet been written.